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Property Owner Details
Powered by Melissa Data
$0.99 / property
Need to know who the current owner of a property is? Our Home Owner Details data will show you the current owner’s name, address, last arms length financing data and other important property metrics.
  • Current Owner Name and Address
  • Assessed Value
  • Last Sale Price
  • Current Motgage
  • Sq feet and other key property metrics
HouseCanary Valuation
Premium Valuation Provided by HouseCanary
$1.99 / property
Not happy with the Zestimate? Try our alternate valuation for After Repair Value and Purchase Prices provided by HouseCanary. Their proprietary valuation models are the most accurate in the industry and are computed and updated monthly.
  • Alternate Property Valuation
  • See High, Low and Mean Property Valuations
Investor Summary Report
Powered by HouseCanary
$9.99 / property
Discover the true investment value of any home. Utilize the most accurate automated valuation model to determine single-family home and condo values, forecast 3-year returns and set rent.
  • Comprehensive Property Detail
  • Alternate Property Valuation
  • Market Analysis
  • Comparables Analysis
  • Clean Visualizations