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Property Owner Details
Powered by Melissa Data
$0.99 / property
Need to know who the current owner of a property is? Our Home Owner Details data will show you the current owner’s name, address, last arms length financing data and other important property metrics.
  • Current Owner Name and Address
  • Assessed Value
  • Last Sale Price
  • Current Motgage
  • Sq feet and other key property metrics
HouseCanary Valuation
Premium Valuation Provided by HouseCanary
$2.99 / property
Not happy with the Zestimate? Try our Alternate AVM for ARV and Purchase Prices. HouseCanary’s proprietary valuation models for each property, computed and updated monthly.
  • Alternate Property Valuation
  • See High, Low and Mean Property Valuations
Home Value Report
Powered by HouseCanary
$9.99 / property
Discover the true value of any home. Utilize the most accurate automated valuation model to determine single-family home and condo values, forecast 3-year returns and set rent.
  • Comprehensive Property Detail
  • Alternate Property Valuation
  • Market Analysis
  • Comparables Analysis
  • Clean Visualizations