Frequently Asked Questions

Clik2Flip is the first mobile app to automatically calculate high-level returns WITHOUT entering any data!  With as little as 2 button cliks you can know if the property is worth a deeper look.

Yes! Clik2Flip will analyze Flips, Rentals as well as Vacation Rentals (AirBnB) investments.

Clik2Flip leverages Zillow’s powerful open API to pull down the majority of property data. It then combines that with the author’s own investment calculations to provide investment return analytics. Clik2Flip also leverages these other API’s for both free and premium services:

  • Zillow (Property Info)
  • MapBox (Geolocation)
  • Google Places (Address Lookup)
  • House Canary (Premium Valuation/Market Analysis)
  • Melissa Data (Home Owner Info)
  • Everbooked (Vacation Rental Data)

Clik2Flip is free to try for 14 days after which we charge a minimal subscription fee of $1.99/month. If you find a property you want to know more about, Clik2Flip offers a variety of in-app purchases that can provide an investor a more in-depth look at any specific property.