We have just released a new version of Clik2Flip. With it comes a switch to a subscription model for use of Clik2Flip’s calculators and other core features.  As the cost of data and app maintenance rises, we are moving to a low price subscription of $1.99 per month to help offset some of those costs.

We have lowered the price of certain in-app purchases as well to balance overall pricing and will continue to refine our in-app purchase pricing to provide the most value for our users.

As an existing user, your property information will still be retained once you sign up for the subscription and as long as you do not delete the app from your phone (even if you unsubscribe for a period of time).

For less then the price of a cup of coffee per month, you can still enjoy all the amazing features Clik2Flip has including:


  • Instant return calculations for Flips, Rentals and Vacation Rentals
  • Geolocation and Advanced Address Lookups
  • Ability to take and save property photos
  • Sharing return metrics with others via native phone apps
  • Saving properties to your Wish List
  • Itemized repair cost tool
  • Future enhancements
  • And much more…

Our purpose at Clik2Flip is ‘to maximize technology to create convenient, valuable and efficient REI tools.’  We feel that moving to this new subscription based pricing model will allow us to better follow our company vision of using technology to change the way people invest in real estate and stays in-line with our purpose.



Jon Crosby