Get instant cash flow analysis for Rentals, Flips and Vacation Rentals

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Most Important Metrics

Instantly review the most important investment metrics

Cash Flow

Stabilized cash flow is probably the most important metric, instantly see if a property will put money in your pocket each year

Debt Service Coverage

DSCR shows if a property can pay its debt to the bank

Market Comparables

View up to 20 nearby market 'comps'


Repair Costs

Use our repair costs calculator or simply use the default PPSF provided

HOA Fees

Often overlooked, HOA fees can make or break any deal

Cash on Cash

Quickly see Year 1 Cash on Cash returns with or without financing

Customer Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

Marc T.

IT Executive

Great app if you are investing in real estate. Use this app to help guide you in your real estate research. Great job!

Greg A.

Commercial Real Estate CEO

This is such a great tool for quick analysis of an investment property. Well worth the cost!!

Matthew A.

Director of Incentives

Love this app. I love how quickly I can have access to Tons of information and calculate return on investment. Easy to use!

We provide real estate investors simple, fast and affordable tools so they can focus their valuable time and money acquiring successful properties

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